Book title


The Dragonfly Who Thought He Couldn’t Fly

Publication date: 28th March, 2024

Whoever heard of a dragonfly that could not fly? Well, Wilber thought just that, until he found himself swept out to sea on an adventure far away from home. He was caught up in a bubble washed out to sea, tossing and turning, thrust here and there, in fact he was thrown almost everywhere.

First, he went to Shanghai where the dragonflies there were kind and taught him about Chinese new year. Then off he was thrown into the Borneo rainforests of Brunei, there the magnificent butterflies were so pretty and wise. He meets a hospitable Falcon from Qatar who took him to the night bazaar.

Finally stopping in France for a quick rest where the birds greeted him politely in French. And just like that, he realised that he COULD fly, and he flew back home into his mums loving embrace. Finding himself in the most magnificent places, meeting the most extraordinary creatures. Learning so many new and wonderful things. Wilber was fascinated with his new surroundings and with each journey, it brought lots of new learning and many great surprises.